Keep it simple. Drive results.

Align Your Revenue Engine & Accelerate Sales Results

The ValueSelling Framework® methodology, training and toolset align your revenue engine with a common language that enables sales professionals to compete on value and saves time in all selling scenarios.


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What is valueselling

Compete on value, not price.

The ValueSelling Framework® is a practical sales methodology that focuses on the buyer and the value they receive by doing business with you and your organization. Compete on value, not price, with ValueSelling.
Keep it simple

Your team is moving fast and hard with pressures coming from all angles. What drives revenue is keeping it simple. Simplify the way you prepare, qualify, advance, and close your deals.

Focus on value

ValueSelling gets to the heart of what drives the deal from your buyer’s perspective: The impact or value of resolving their business issues.


Tired of training efforts that end as soon as the workshop is over? ValueSelling is a simple integrated framework that keeps everyone laser-focused on the buyer.


What our clients are saying

Your Top Sales Challenges

We get it – we’ve been there too.

Give your teams the skills to efficiently navigate each stage of the customer journey.

We partner with clients to create continuous learning programs that drive adoption and lasting behavioral change


These participant-centered programs are built on eLearning, instructor-led training (face-to-face and/or virtual), monthly reinforcement and coaching.


We tailor everything to your industry, products, sales cycle and unique challenges to keep sellers engaged with real-world examples and scenarios.


Our upcoming sessions

Fortino Sales Training: Account Planning by ValueSelling

If you are running large complex accounts, this one is perfect for you! Exclusively for Fortino Capital backed companies.
Our services

Empowering Your Vision

Every business needs to take its own custom approach. Down below are the general services we offer.

ValueSelling Framework®

Learn how to engage, qualify, advance and close opportunities through value-focused questioning techniques in this engaging instructor led workshop. Customized for sales teams and customer-facing professionals.


Vortex Prospecting

Use this repeatable, cadence-based approach to land more meetings. Applicable to account-based, market-based, geography-based, or tele-sales.


Account Planning

Apply the ValueSelling Framework® to increase revenue from existing accounts
and target new enterprise accounts.


Competitive Differentiation

Create value propositions that result in premium pricing. Leverage a simple process and tool to develop relevant messaging.

Start optimising your sales performance now!

Odile Swen

Bart van Eijck

The team

Meet your experts

Our Founder, Bart van Eijck, has an extensive track record of building high-performance sales organizations and has received numerous accolades as a sales leader. Bart worked as a GVP at Gartner, MD at Expedia, SVP at Polecat, and Director at GlobalData.

Odile Swen, our Operations Manager, brings her experience in developing programs and supporting start-ups to help our clients adopt agile scrum and ValueSelling. Together, we work with sales and marketing leaders to lead with value, delivering on our promises to help transform organizations into high-performing sales powerhouses.


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Buyer-Centric Selling Explained: Six Best Practices

Value affirmation increases the chance of a high-quality deal by 30%, and it’s more than twice as likely to occur when working with a human rep versus a purely digital buying experience – so the solution would seem to be to emphasize human-to-human interactions and adopt a buyer-centric mindset.

Build a Better Customer Experience with a Shared Framework, Language and Toolset

At their core, revops are concerned with one principle: aligning the revenue engine to the way buyers want to buy. And while most organizations understand the concepts and their theoretical impact on customer experience (CX), there remains a significant gap between theory and practice

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