Account Planning

Apply the ValueSelling Framework® to increase revenue from existing accounts and target new enterprise accounts.

ValueSelling Account Planning (VSAP) leverages the ValueSelling Framework® by using a common set of terminology and templates, including the Qualified Prospect Formula® and ValuePrompter®. The process is then expanded and applied to the account management process to look at the key components of managing strategic opportunities.

Training Options: Instructor-led or Virtual instructor-led
Program Duration: 1, 2-day workshop (Also available as a customized 1-hour to 1-day training component within the core ValueSelling Certification workshop)

Course Outline:

  • Module 1: ValueSelling Framework® Recap
  • Module 2: Review the ValueSelling Account Planning Tool
  • Module 3: Assess Our Account Planning Capabilities
  • Module 4: Buying Influences and Business Issues
  • Module 5: Quantifying Value and Building Rapport
  • Module 6: VisionMatch and Capabilities
  • Module 7: Opportunity Assessment and Pipeline Verification
  • Module 8: Dealing with Competition
  • Module 9: Developing the Pre-call ValuePrompter
  • Module 10: Account Strategies and Activities Report Back

Learning Outcomes:

  • Establish a base of business acumen to understand business opportunities and identify potential business Issues
  • Develop account plans to track opportunities and coordinate sales resources
  • Assess current sales opportunities for gaps and develop specific action plans to address these
  • Sharpen your focus on the account’s business objectives to identify potential business issues
  • Install a process and toolset to enable the development of additional account plans