How to Win More with Less in B2B Sales

Guy Rubin, Founder and CEO of Ebsta, joins us to shed light on the topic, offering valuable insights into how aligning your go-to-market teams can significantly amplify your sales success with fewer resources.

Buyer-Centric Selling Explained: Six Best Practices

Value affirmation increases the chance of a high-quality deal by 30%, and it’s more than twice as likely to occur when working with a human rep versus a purely digital buying experience – so the solution would seem to be to emphasize human-to-human interactions and adopt a buyer-centric mindset.

Build a Better Customer Experience with a Shared Framework, Language and Toolset

At their core, revops are concerned with one principle: aligning the revenue engine to the way buyers want to buy. And while most organizations understand the concepts and their theoretical impact on customer experience (CX), there remains a significant gap between theory and practice

5 Ways to Negotiate a Win-Win

Recent research from McKinsey and others shows buyers are increasing their DMU size and push engaging with the vendor back in the process. So once you are at the point where negotiations are required, you better be prepared.