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A program approach to sales performance improvement

Sales Training

Our award-winning value-based sales training was designed for salespeople, by salespeople.

Sales Coaching

We offer holistic, ongoing sales coaching to help you at every stage of your company’s evolution.

Management Alignment

ValueSelling Associates takes a change management approach to implement a sales process and methodology. Beyond a training initiative, successfully installing a sales management process includes integration into current processes and tools, communication, rewards, and recognition along with a measurement system. We have experience in global implementations with measurable results.

Customized Program Development

The instructor-led workshops feature custom curriculum and case studies developed specifically for your sales and marketing teams.

Ongoing Reinforcement

Immediately utilize the ValueSelling Framework® on the job with our reinforcement tools: Coaching support, eValuePrompter® CRM/ SFA, train the trainer, mobile applications, video reinforcement, and custom specialized workshops.

Performance Assesments

We employ a variety of methods for
determining whether a salesperson has attained sufficient mastery of
essential knowledge, learning, and skills. Well-constructed
performance assessments can be extremely useful for measuring
salesforce growth and guiding future learning. 

Blended Learning

We blend live workshops with the eValueSelling Fundamentals® online course that covers the fundamental concepts of the ValueSelling Framework®. This enhances training by allowing each participant to understand where they need to improve, as well as ensuring sales management teams that everyone is familiar with certain concepts and terminology.