Vortex Prospecting

Use this repeatable, cadence-based approach to land more meetings. Applicable to account-based, market-based, geography-based, or tele-sales.

The ultimate success criterion for any salesperson is to get in front of a prospective customer and pursue a qualified opportunity. Yet, it’s the hardest thing to do. How do you effectively prospect in today’s market? Vortex Prospecting™ is a multi-channel, cadence-based approach that leverages emerging best practices in cold calling, social selling, email, and more to fuel top-of-funnel growth. Two separate call blocks provide a high-energy, hands-on learning experience.

Training Options: Instructor-led and Virtual Instructor-led Delivery
Program Duration: 2-day workshop coupled with eLearning that takes less than 3 hours to complete

Course Outline:

Module 1: Value-based Interruptions and Respectful Persistence

  • Develop Open-Probing-Confirming questions to increase engagement
  • Understand the optimal frequency for “touches”
  • Learn how to uncover what prospects find valuable through efficient research

Module 2: Vortex Sphere of Influence™ and Vortex Sphere of Engagement™

  • Understand and identify your company’s value-based position and assets
  • Understand the multiple channels to reach prospects
  • Create multi-faceted, value-based scripts to increase connection rates and conversations

Module 3: Networking and Social Selling

  • Understand best practices for creating and leveraging your network
  • Use “increased familiarity” to enhance social engagement and response rates
  • Develop consistent, value-based social interactions
  • Connect social engagement with other channels for more conversations

Module 4: Email Effectiveness

  • Develop targeted emails that provide value to prospects before making “The Ask”
  • Develop email templates using the AIM framework
  • Connect emails to other channels for a “force- multiplier” effect
  • Practice writing emails that increase your credibility

Module 5: Goal Calling, Voicemail, and Objection Handling through Practice and Role Playing

  • Review phone best practices such as mindset, research, preparation, and execution
  • Practice “goal” calling targeted at your prospect list
  • Develop scripts for voicemail effectiveness
  • Practice skills to pique interest in the first ten seconds when someone answers the phone
  • Practice NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques for handling common objections

Module 6: Cadence Development and Qualification

  • Use the Sphere of Engagement to activate the “multiplier effect”
  • Develop multi-faceted cadences to execute and track
  • Develop “content-heavy,” “value-focused,” and “social warming” cadences to engage prospects
  • Practice qualification techniques based on the ValueSelling Framework® to identify the greatest opportunities

Module 7: Activity Calculation and Preparation

  • Reverse engineer the activity levels necessary to achieve and beat your targets
  • Develop tools and tactics to create a repeatable approach to prospecting
  • Develop your own research approach and optimal tech stack to prospect at scale

Module 8: Time Blocking and Goal Setting

  • Review time blocking
  • Create a customized weekly plan to stay focused on your goals and deliver results
  • Create a personalized go-forward plan to optimize your prospecting schedule

Learning Outcomes:

  • Conduct research on target companies using provided tools in preparation for prospecting contacts
  • Prepare effective email, call, social selling, and voicemail scripts that are informed by your research
  • Gain your contact’s interest, create a sense of potential value, and ask for a definitive next step
  • Quickly move the contact through the steps to qualify how, or if, to proceed with the sales effort