Unlocking the full potential of your sales organisation

“if you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it”, I can still hear my CEO say it. Very true and not always simple. Where to start and how to take the team on this journey of self-improvement? What to measure and how to assess the gap? Are we hiring the right people with the right traits? Are my managers up for it? Have we built the foundations for growth? Where to focus to have the maximum impact? In this 45-minute webinar, Bart van Eijck & Jens Winther share their experience and findings on how to umlock the true potential and  take your sales team to  the next level.

Influencing Mindset & Breaking Beliefs

Join our 45-minute webinar with Bart van Eijck, drawing on 30 years of sales leadership wisdom from industry experts like NLP founder Richard Bandler and Stephen Covey, to learn how to instill the right habits and beliefs in your sales team for sustained target-beating performance.

7 Actionable Habits of Top Performers

Join our webinar with Bart van Eijck to discover 7 key habits for sales success in 2024. Boost performance in remote selling, talent retention, and adapting to evolving buyer behaviors. Equip your sales team to outperform targets in a competitive market.