7 Actionable Habits of Top Performers

What Sales leaders need to know about building strong and powerful habits


Wednesday, January 10th @ 09:30-10:15 CET

Are you attracting and retaining top talent?

Can your pipeline keep up with ambition?

Are your sellers “problem solvers”?

2024 is around the corner. We have daunting challenges to meet: economic headwinds, higher interest rates, generative AI’s, changing buyer behaviours, remote selling and relationship building, attracting and retaining top talent in an highly competitive market. How well is your organization equipped to take control and lead?

Recent research established that developing 7 key habits will significantly impact performance—developing the habits of top performers across your sales team will help you surpass 2024 expectations.

In this 45-minute webinar, Bart van Eijck shares key findings on what habits you want your sales team to develop to outperform their targets for years to come.

Who Should Attend?

What You Will Learn

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If you sell B2B solutions where the value is intangible, this webinar is for you.

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Your Facilitators: Bart van Eijck & Jens Winter

BART VAN EIJCK Brings 25 years in sales and sales management as a growth and change management strategist. Throughout 30 countries, he has helped C-Suite and executive leaders achieve aggressive revenue targets and drive team success by implementing proven sales methodologies, instituting performance management models, and recruiting and retaining top talent.

With a background that ranges from “carrying the bag” to running a 500 FTE sales force at Gartner, Bart has helped sales leaders and teams turn around almost every conceivable sales scenario. He arms his clients with the skills, sales-ready messaging, and confidence that they can win.

Prior to joining ValueSelling Associates, Bart held international sales management positions in subscription-based services, SaaS, travel/leisure, and risk intelligence/big data, spanning across North America and European markets to emerging markets in Eastern and Central Europe, Russia, Middle East, and Africa.

He served as Commercial Director Europe for GlobalData, Worldwide SVP Sales & Marketing for Polecat, VP and Managing Director EMEA for Expedia, Group VP Sales EMEA for Gartner. Bart is currently the co-founder and CEO of QRing, a provider of the state-of-the-art Lost & Found solution for your valuable items, pets and loved ones.

JENS WINTER Based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, Jens Winther guides ambitious Scandinavian-based business-to-business companies in the application and use of ValueSelling tools and methodology to execute on aggressive growth targets.

Building on his 20 years of successful sales and business development experience, Jens connects training to the context of participants in his workshops with great energy.

His clients highlight the simplicity and customer-focused approach of the ValueSelling Framework® as major reasons for their fast adoption and measurable results. Most of his clients integrate ValueSelling tools and processes across business units and departments. What motivates Jens is to see his clients succeed and enabling them to pursue even more ambitious goals.

Before joining ValueSelling Associates, Jens worked for Gartner, Inc., where he was
responsible for business in the Nordics with strategic technology and service providers, providing insight, knowledge, and advice related to go-to-market strategy, value propositions, offering portfolios, sales enablement, and deal reviews delivered to C-level and senior sales, product and marketing management.